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We recently received a unique request for a custom Bearded Dragon Lizard. Many people asked how we would make such a unique animal. So, I thought we could go through the steps in the process for custom orders.


Step one: Research!

It is super important to us to try and get the likeness and details of the animals we make. Even though we are making stuffed, personalized animals with added personality of their own, we want them to resemble the live animals we are recreating! In this case we searched on-line for pictures and also were sent photos of the client’s own personal bearded dragons! The most important thing is to find pictures from different angles so we get the best overall feel for the animal. Ideally we would go see every animal in person as well!


Step two: Pick the material!

For this we try to pick something that both suits the type of animal we are making and what the client is asking for.


Step three: Creating the pattern.

In this step, generally, I let the socks or gloves lead the way. Many of our patterns have come from a mix of new ideas and existing patterns. For the bearded dragon I took the pattern for the dinosaur body and altered it slightly. Looking back at the pictures of a bearded dragon it was clear that his body was wider in the middle and his head was wider. Also, his legs were longer, thinner and curved when comparing to our dinosaur pattern. From that point I start cutting. Once items are cut I will check by eye to make sure everything is even and looks right. Sometimes during this stage I will go back several times to trim parts off to better fit my vision. Sometimes this can make the process a bit longer but it is worth it in the end as the animal always turns out looking better.

A dangerous part of our pattern process is all the patterns are in my head. This does make each animal unique and special. The downside is I am the only one who knows our patterns.


Step four: Putting the body together







Once all the pieces are assembled and look the way I envisioned I will start placing and pinning the details like eyes, nose/nostrils, and in the case of the bearded dragon spikes!  We try various shapes, sizes and colors before even pining them on. In the case of the bearded dragon the client wanted lime green, turquoise, bright pink, purple, and orange used.

IMG_3647[1] IMG_3642[1]









Step Five: Sewing on the details.

Sometimes after placing items I will move, or discard a detail. Most of the time, when stitching on details, we use contrasting thread as we like the stitching to stand out!

IMG_0359 IMG_0360






IMG_0363 IMG_0369









Step six: Client conference and revisit steps 4 and 5.

At this point I always check with the client to see if there are any added details they would like. In this case she wanted some additional spikes along the back in a violet color.

bearded dragon
bearded dragon1






Step seven: Post!!!

At this point we are done! We post on our website, Etsy page, and Facebook.

This is a long process but I think the love and attention we put into our sock and glove animals show.

Now, onto the next custom order! Do you have a special animal you can’t find in any store or want something custom done for a loved one? Send me an email! We LOVE custom orders!!

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